5 Must-See Wineries in Macedonia

It was mid-August when I found myself sipping Vranec in Negotino. I’d made an impromptu stop to Macedonian wine country where I met friend and winemaker, Risto Jordanovski.

My last few years in the U.S. were spent near California’s renowned Napa, Sonoma, and Lodi wine countries. As such, I hadn’t met a wine I preferred more than my wines back home. Then, I visited Macedonia. As I sat in Ohrid over a casually-ordered red, I paused, “…this is actually quite good”. A quick search revealed Macedonian wine country – an undiscovered gem with over 50 private wineries. These are my favorites:

Tikves Winery

Address: 29 Noemvri 5, Kavadarci 1430, Macedonia
Phone Number: +389 43 414 024 | Website

The largest and most well known winery resides in Kavadarci. Tikves Winery produces 50 varieties and is responsible for 60% of exported Macedonian wines. Here, you can experience a tasting for two for ~€26 with cheeses and cured meats. Ask for Domaine Lepovo, an exclusive branch introduced in 2014 and home to some of the most acclaimed wines in the country. Tours also available; contact them here.


Maleric Winery

Address: St. Edvard Kardelj 45, Negotino 1440, Macedonia
Phone Number: +389 43 444 888 | Website

Maleric produces 20,000L of their Merlot, Vranec and Riesling annually. They aren’t glitzed with fancy showrooms or tasting menus. But instead offer a truly authentic experience you won’t get at any resort. There’s a tasting room on the second floor, but the real magic happens in the cellar where wines and spirits are maturing in stainless steel vats. If you’re lucky, you can sample wines, rakija, and mastika straight from their tanks which are normally reserved for family and friends!


Popova Kula Winery

Address: Wine Boulevard No.1, Demir Kapija 1442, Macedonia
Phone Number: +389 76 432 630 | Website

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the most beautiful wineries in the country, and still, Popova blew me away. Situated on beautiful land overlooking vineyards and mountains, you’ll enjoy award-winning wines with option for food, tours, and accommodations. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, this is it!


Bovin Winery

Address: Industriska, Negotino 1440, Macedonia
Phone Number: +389 43 365 322 | Website

Bovin is one of the largest in the country. They produce 1.5 million liters of wine annually and export to 36 countries. As such, they’ve received widespread recognition with 100+ regional and international awards. These guys should be top of your list when visiting the region.

Brzanov Winery

Address: Gjorche Petrov 4, Skopje 1060, Macedonia
Phone Number: +389 78 411 091 | Website

Brzanov was founded in 2011 by Antonio Brzanov, co-founder of Vinar Winery (2004). They pride themselves in quality using hand-picked grapes, manual corking, no additives and low sulfites. Brznov has 35,000L annual capacity with a focus on Vranec, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah.

For more information, contact Risto Jordanovski: +389 75 280 602

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