8 Breathtaking Viewpoints on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan attracts thousands for its Full Moon parties and beautiful beaches. But the mountainous terrain offers much more than that! There are panoramic views on nearly every corner; here’s how to find them.

The hills of Koh Phangan often surprise travelers. With a peak elevation of 630m, they don’t seem like much – until you’re snaking your way down steep inclines along the coast. It’s here you’ll find some of the most beautiful views on the island (some more difficult to reach than others…). Grab some comfy shoes, and get ready to climb!


Ritual Bar on Secret Mountain

Location on Google Maps

Secret Mountain isn’t as “secret” as it sounds. But it’s a bit of a trek, which keeps the crowds at bay! Signs guide you up steeps roads to Ritual Bar, a mountain escape with pool and beautiful views. For a real show, come at dusk to watch the sun set behind coconut trees.

Hidden beach near Haad Than Sadet

Location on Google Maps (approximate: 9°44’51.9″N 100°04’30.9″E)

Haad Than Sadat Beach is beautiful in itself, but there’s more than meets the eye. Follow the wooden bridge beyond the foliage until you see bungalows (careful of monitor lizards, which are actually quite dangerous). Turn left, and keep walking until the trees open. You’ll be greeted with abandoned bungalows and a beach to explore. Climb the rocks on the left for full 180° views.

(Explore at your own risk!)

2See Bar

Location on Google Maps

During the time of this post, 2See Bar was partially under construction – but it still has a lot to offer. The viewpoint is simple: a wooden plank resting against a roof. Carefully walk your drinks to the top, sit back and enjoy! There’s a platform being built for more comfortable viewing (…and less liability), but I kind of like the authenticity of what they have…

Mae Haad Tree House Bar

Location on Google Maps

Located on the northwestern side of the island is Mae Haad Tree House Bar. It’s easy to get to, and serves cold beer and good food. There’s also a small pool for you to relax and take in the view.

Three Sixty Bar

Location on Google Maps

One of the more popular viewpoint bars is Three Sixty Bar, also located on the northwestern corner. The space is large with plenty of room to mingle. Look for events as well, where they’ll occasionally host day parties and DJs!

Apichada Viewpoint Bar

Location on Google Maps

The strip between Thong Sala-Haad Rin is mostly known for the parties, but right in the center is Apichada – a hidden oasis and one of the more peaceful viewpoints on the list. There’s an open deck for viewing, as well as separate chalets for more intimate get-togethers.

Amsterdam Bar

Location on Google Maps

You won’t meet anyone who hasn’t been to Amsterdam Bar. This place is known for some of the best sunsets on the island (as well as mushroom shakes, but who am I to talk…). As such, it’s one of the busier viewpoints. Making it perfect to socialize and meet other travelers.

Watchtower near Leela Beach

Location on Google Maps (approximate: 9°40’06.7″N 100°04’20.0″E)

I won’t say much about this one… but there may or may not be a steel tower around these coordinates. And you may or may not be able to climb it. And it may or may not be dangerous, so I may or may not tell you to be careful. (Be careful!)

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