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7 May 2017

The Tree That Produces 5L of Wine per Day

You may think you’ve stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth. Well in many ways, you...

30 Apr 2017

How to Sleep Better – Tips from a Former Insomniac

A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy mind and body – but it’s...

23 Apr 2017

What’s the Best Checking Account for International Travel?

A good checking account is essential to international travel. We've looked at three top providers...

16 Apr 2017

The Very Real Currency Struggle for International Travelers

International travel comes with a slew of currency complications. Prepare for fees, inflated exchange rates,...

9 Apr 2017

Guide to Haad Salad, Koh Phangan, Thailand

I spent 2 months exploring the corners of Koh Phangan. The sweetest gem was Haad...

2 Apr 2017

Hikers Guide: Getting to Bottle Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Most newcomers visit Bottle Beach by ferry, which costs 100-200 THB each way (plus costs...

27 Mar 2017

8 Breathtaking Viewpoints on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan attracts thousands for its Full Moon parties and beautiful beaches. But the mountainous...

18 Feb 2017

6 Reasons The Balkans are Europe’s Greatest Destination

When we think Europe, metro cities like Paris, London and Rome come to mind. But...

26 Jan 2017

Best Travel Apps and Websites for the Frequent Traveler – The Ultimate Guide!

There are thousands of travel apps and websites; how do you know which to choose?...

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